How to create a dream eco home

For many people, creating a dream eco home is a lifetime’s ambition. Quick Move Now has put together a list of simple ways to increase the energy efficiency of any home, particularly one that is being renovated.

By buying a property that needs renovating, you are increasing the amount of work you can carry out to make your home energy efficient without the costs going through the newly insulated roof.

Finding a dream home that ticks all the right boxes is a tough task, but once you have secured it, the fun can begin, as you turn the blank canvas into an energy efficient haven.

There are a host of simple, and relatively cost effective, things you can do to help make your home more energy savvy…

  • By draught-proofing all the windows and fitting double, or even triple, glazing you can be guaranteed to reduce your annual energy bills.
  • Fitting covers on letter boxes and filling gaps around windows and doors will all help too.
  • A whole host of over the counter green items can now be purchased from large retailers, including integrated recycling bins, with separate areas for each different recyclable material, for use in your kitchen.
  • The most publicised – and obvious – energy efficient move is to install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on your roof. These rather futuristic looking panels will also help your dream home generate clean energy and the cost for installing them has dropped hugely over recent years. Once installed, every unit of electricity generated from your PV array that you directly use will be electricity you don’t have to buy from your usual supplier, helping cut your ever increasing energy bills. It is no secret that the energy watchdog, Ofgem, fears that we will all face higher energy bills in the coming years.Any surplus electricity your system creates will be directed back into the national grid and you will be paid for every unit. Although the return has been reduced, solar panels still provide a good investment for anyone wanting to create their energy efficient dream home.
  • If your new home requires a whole new heating system you could install a ground source or air source heat pump, which will produce less CO2 than conventional heating systems. Under-floor heating, with its large surface area, will provide the best way of distributing the heat around your home.
  • You could also consider installing a solar hot water system or a heat recovery system, in a bid to create your eco-friendly dream home.

There are loans available to help with the initial costs, under the Government’s ‘Green Deal’ plans, which were launched last month.

Approved installers, such as DIY and energy companies, will offer advice on potential improvements to your home and then you will be able to take out a loan with the Green Deal Finance Company – a non-profit making organisation – to pay for the work.

It is expected that the money saved on energy bills will pay for the loan.

For more information visit the Green Deal

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 4th March 2013
Last updated on 20th April 2017

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