How to sell your house in a heatwave

sell house in a heatwave

A heatwave can a blessing or a curse when you’re trying to sell your house, depending on how well you adapt to the changing weather conditions.

Follow our tips to maximise your chances of making a quick house sale in a heatwave:

1. Opening up windows first thing in the morning will let air circulate – the last thing you want on a warm day is for your house to feel hot and stuffy. If having the windows open is not keeping your house cool enough, try putting on some electric fans for a short time before the house viewing.

2. Make the most of any outdoor space – even a small, paved courtyard garden can be turned into a real selling point on a sunny day if it’s presented correctly. If you don’t already have one, create an outdoor eating/relaxing space – you can do this relatively cheaply either with a collection of attractive floor cushions, or by sourcing basic patio furniture from a charity shop or supermarket.

summer courtyard garden.jpg

This image from Australian homewares company Perfect Pieces offers some great inspiration for what can be achieved in a small space. If you do already have an outdoor eating area, make sure it is clean and tidy. You can take any garden furniture and accessories with you, so it won’t be a wasted investment, but it could make a real difference to your house sale. If you have a small garden, focus on creating a cosy, intimate space; if you have a larger garden highlight its potential as a great entertaining space with a larger table and more accessories.

3. Keep up with your garden maintenance. In this weather it’s really important to keep your garden neat and tidy, which includes making sure your lawns are manicured and your hedges are pruned. On a cool, cloudy day, potential buyers are unlikely to spend any significant amount of time outdoors (they may not even venture out there at all), but on warmer days they’re likely to pay a lot more attention to the outdoor space available, and making your outdoor space as attractive as possible to make or break your house move.

4. If you have French doors leading out to your garden, leave them open. Not only will open French doors let in light and air, they will also make your home feel larger, creating a seamless flow from the indoor space into the outdoor space.

5. Make sure your windows are clean! The sunshine has a nasty habit of showing up dirt, dust and window smears. Chemical free window cleaner, made with lemon juice and warm water, will leave your windows sparkling and your home with a lovely, summery citrus scent. Simply mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with 2 pints of warm water, spray the solution onto the windows and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

6. Fresh flowers will brighten up your house and give a lovely homely feel – you needn’t spend a fortune though, wild flowers have become hugely popular in the last few years, so if you can use flowers from your own garden or source them locally.


This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 30th June 2015
Last updated on 15th August 2018


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