How to sell an unusual property

unusual property

If you’re looking to buy an unusual property, there are plenty around! The UK is steeped with history and claiming your part, is well within the realms of reality! But how do you sell an unusual property?

How to sell an unusual property

Quirky houses aren’t for everyone and some owners find it problematic when it comes to selling their unusual houses. Especially when you consider that the UK actually has a lot of unusual, unique properties for sale!

The key to selling a quirky, unusual home is to ensure the asking price is realistic. This can sometimes be extremely difficult because it could be the first time in 100 years the property has been for sale on the open market and the likelihood of finding a similar property for comparison is slim.

For the majority of unusual homes on the open market, the real value is the amount someone is willing to pay. But where is the best place to market and sell an unusual property? Here are a few ideas:

Sell your unusual property through a specialist estate agent

Selling an usual property is not as easy as people think. Not only are you selling bricks and mortar but you are also selling a part of history!

Choosing to live in an unusual property over a traditional house is like choosing between chalk and cheese, with the space often unconventional in an unusual property. (lighthouses and windmills spring to mind).

If you try and sell your quirky house through a traditional high street or online estate agent, they will probably not be experience in selling what is essentially a ‘lifestyle choice’!

There are many bespoke estate agents around that specialise in selling unique, unusual homes. Instructing the right estate agent will be your first job!

Sell an unusual house at a property auction

Because of the unorthodox approach to valuating unusual properties, some vendors prefer to sell through a private house auction as they feel this would be the quickest, most hassle free way to obtain a sale.

Although property auctions are often seen as a certain way of selling, there are actually never any guarantees and the vendors have little to no control. The price can be driven down significantly with many houses going through auction remaining unsold.

If you are lucky enough to sell your property to a bidder at auction, there will be associated fees you’ll have to pay. The auctioneer will charge you for advertising your property in the lead up to the auction, this is a cost you have to pay regardless if your property sells or not.

You will also have to pay a commission of around 2.5 per cent of the sales price. It’s always best to check with the auction house before deciding to sell as each auction house will have their own fees and structures.

Sell your unusual property to a professional home buying company

A more certain way to achieve a quick house sale is to use a cash home buyer like Quick Move Now. Selling to a professional home buying company means that you can sell your house in as little as 7 days!

If you choose to sell your home to Quick Move Now, you don’t need to wait for mortgage approval, arrange viewings, worry about a chain falling through or have the burden of large hidden fees.

Quick Move Now is the ONLY professional house buying company to offer a cash guarantee!

With over £6 million currently available to to directly buy houses, there no harm in seeing how much Quick Move Now can offer simply by completing our free, no obligation online estimate request. 

How to find unusual property for sale in the UK

If you’re looking to buy an unusual house rather than sell one, there are plenty around, but catching it at the right time is key!

Luckily the UK is steeped with history and claiming your part, through an unusual property is well within the realms of reality.

Searching for a new home is always an exciting time for any house hunter, but looking for a house with a difference can be even more exciting! But where do you even begin to look for an unusual house?

Don’t worry; we’ve done all the hard work for you! We’ve search the internet for the best sites selling unusual properties and have listed them below:

  • Fancy buying and living in a lighthouse by the sea? Look no further than this dedicated website that just sells lighthouses!
  • This unique property site has links to all sorts of weird and wonderful property across Europe.
  • The unique property bulletin is a must for anyone seeking out an unusual property. You can sign up to receive monthly newsletters which will advice you of any new, unusual properties that have come onto the market.
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Published on 11th December 2014
Last updated on 21st August 2018


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