Are House Price Going To Drop?

are house prices going to drop

Are house prices going to drop? – According to the Professor of Economic Geography at the London School of Economics, Paul Cheshire, “the warning signs are clear!” when the professor suggested that the UK property market is heading for a plunge of at least 40%!

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday last week, the Professor, who is also a former government housing advisor, said:

We are due a significant correction in house prices. I think we are beginning to see signs that correction may be starting.

Historically, trends seem always to start in London and then move out across the rest of the country. In the capital, you are already seeing house prices rising less rapidly than in other parts of Britain.

If Professor Cheshire’s predictions are correct, the UK could see a property crash as bad as the early 1990’s, which saw millions affected by negative equity which resulted in thousands losing their homes.

What are the signs we are heading for a property crash?

  • Property trends often filter out from the capital. For the third consecutive month, London property price growth has dropped significantly on average.
  • House price growth is starting to slow down across all regions of the UK
  • Inflation is outgrowing incomes. Last month inflation hit 2.9%, while incomes only grew by 2.1%
  • Average time to sell a house is growing in length

Inflated house prices and general economic uncertainty have also played their part in the stalling market, with estate agents claiming homeowners are willing to wait up to 10 months to secure a sale.   Inflated time on market has been attributed to the rise buyers unwilling to pay overly ambitious asking prices.

Should homeowners be worried about these predictions?

If we were to see a sharp drop to house prices in the UK, recent property buyers would be the most affected. Property often takes years to recover after a big price drop and unfortunately recent buyers would most likely see their properties enter into negative equity.

Should I still sell my house ahead of a property crash?

If you are selling a house in order to downsize or move into rented accommodation, it is advisable you sell sooner rather than later to ensure you achieve the maximum offer.

If you are selling a house to buy another, unless you are in negative equity, the asking prices should all be relative as your onward purchase will also have dropped in worth.

Danny Luke, Managing Director of the UK’s leading home buyer, Quick Move Now has commented that there are options for home sellers worried about prices dropping:

It’s easy to get caught up in national headlines, but in order to get a realistic idea of what your property might be worth in the current climate it’s important to know your local market. Before we make an offer on any property, we speak to independent local experts to ensure our offer is reflective of today’s market and is fair.

There’s no doubt that the property market is showing signs of a major slow down. The uncertainty surrounding Brexit has definitely played a part in this stall, and with talks just at the beginning, I expect this level of instability to continue.

If you are currently trying to sell your home and are worried about the impending price drop, you could always look to an alternative house sale method like selling to Quick Move Now.

Quick Move Now are the UK’s original and largest cash home buyer. We specialise in directly buying residential property for cash. The offers we make are based on today’s valuation, meaning, we take on all the resale risk. There are no fees or obligations and if you expect the offer we make, the money could be in your bank in as little as 7 days.

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