Guide to a fast house sale

fast house sale

Need a fast house sale?

Quick Move Now has put together a handy guide to how to sell your house fast…

Make your property stand out from the rest

  • Clean – and we don’t just mean a bit of a wipe with a duster and hope that the viewers don’t notice the cobwebs! Everyone has different standards of cleanliness, but when it comes to trying to attract potential buyers, you cannot be too clean. We recommend that if you are looking for a fast house sale, you make your house spotless each time you have a viewing – including the areas you might not think about – upholstery, windows, grouting and light fittings.
  • De-clutter – we all live with a certain amount of clutter in our houses – it’s what makes a house a home. However, the point of getting a property ready for a viewing is to make it so that the people who come to look at it feel like it could be their home. Clear away those piles of magazines and stacks of paper, sort out any junk and make your house look as spacious as you can. You will also benefit from the sense of tranquillity that a clutter-free house brings.
  • Lick of paint – a tin of paint and a few hours of hard work are all it takes to turn an old, tired room into a fresh, welcoming haven. Pick neutral colours that will appeal to all and consider painting cupboard doors and woodwork if necessary too.
  • Outdoors – an often forgotten part of a property, the garden is important as it is the first impression that buyers will have, and as the view out of each window, it has an impact on people’s perception of the interior too. Ensuring the lawn is mown, toys and furniture are cleared away and there are a few flowers dotted here and there will make all the difference.

Pick a target market and aim at it

  • Young professionals – if your property is in a commuter area and with a predominantly young, professional community, then make it appeal to that group of buyers! Think about the things that are important to them and emphasise those features – things such as office space, entertaining space and commutability should all be given precedence and explained in your description.
  • Family – families tend to have a different focus – to target this market, emphasise play rooms, gardens and proximity to play grounds, schools, shops and doctors.
  • Buy to let – another market altogether. To attract buy-to-let investors, it is important to appeal to their desire for a return on investment. The big winners here will be an easy to maintain garden, recent refurbishment, new(ish) and neutral kitchens and bathrooms and easy commutability. If your house or flat has these attributes, then it may be worth marketing it as an investment property.

Be market savvy

  • Price – do your homework and you are more likely to be able to sell your house quickly. Use property portals such as to research the values of similar properties to yours and in the same area. Then, get three agents to value the house and rather than go for the highest valuation, you will know which is the most realistic. Unfortunately agents will sometimes inflate the valuation to get you on their books, which just leads to a long time on the market and price drops in the future.
  • Contracts – make sure you read the small print in your estate agent contract. Some state that if you allow an agent to arrange a viewing at your property, you are automatically signing up to sell only with them for up to 12 weeks. You can work on a multi-agency basis so that more than one agent is working on selling your house, however the fee for this can sometimes be higher. There are several options and in order to work out the best for you, you need to ensure you have a clear idea of what each agent is offering.
  • Buyers – if you are in the lucky position of receiving offers from more than one buyer, it is worth checking out their individual situations before deciding which to accept. If it is a quick sale that you are after, the buyer who offers the highest amount may not be the most likely to complete. Research shows that if buyers are involved in a chain of more than three, their purchase has an 86% chance of falling through. Therefore, we advise choosing the most secure buyer to ensure a fast sale.
  • Be pro-active – at all stages during the sale process, it pays to keep in touch with your agent and solicitor to ensure that they are chasing the sale so that it goes through as quickly as possible. We recommend a friendly catch up with each once a week to keep the sale moving without inundating them!

Sell to a home buyer

  • Speed – if a fast house sale is the most important thing, you won’t find a quicker solution than selling to a home buyer. For those who are looking to sell their house fast, in return for approximately a 15% reduction on the market value, this service is worth its weight in gold. It is not right for those people looking to maximise the revenue from their property sale though. A genuine cash buyer* will be able to arrange a transfer of funds within 24 hours and complete within seven days.
  • Certainty – not only will the sale be quick, but you don’t need to worry about it falling through. Once a genuine home buyer** has made an offer on your property, you can rest secure that the sale will go ahead.
  • Convenience – no more arranging viewings, negotiating contracts or worrying about the sale falling through, you just need to concentrate on moving forward to your new life!

Genuine cash buyer? Genuine home buyer?

If you decide to use the services of a home buyer, please ensure you use a reputable one. There are a few, very simple, checks that you can use to ensure you won’t get ripped off.

  • Check out the company’s records at A low turnover indicates that the company is processing fees rather than purchasing properties – a genuine cash buyer, one that will be able to purchase immediately, should have an annual turnover well in excess of £10million.
  • Check that the company offers a 24 hour cash guarantee
  • Check that the company operates to an ethical business charter
This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 14th August 2012
Last updated on 20th April 2017


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