The Most Expensive Cities in The World to Buy Property

Most Expensive Cities in The World

Knight Franks latest Prime International Residential Index has revealed the most expensive cities in the world to buy property.

This information is based on how many square metres $1 million will buy you…..

1. Monaco

In first place, is Monaco. In the most expensive city in the world, $1 million will only buy you 15 square metres of space!

2. Hong Kong

In the second most expensive city in the world, $1 million will buy you a home of 20.6 square metres.

3. London

Winning bronze, third place for the most expensive city in the world goes to our capital – London. Properties don’t come cheap in London, with $1 million only buying you 25.2 square metres.

4. Singapore

Space isn’t a luxury in bustling Singapore, where $1 million will only give you 32.6 square metres.

5. Geneva

Next up is Geneva, where you can expect 34.7 square metres for a cool £1 million.

6. New York

The sixth most expensive city in the world is the Big Apple, New York. Your $1 million will buy you a 40.2 square metre property.

7. Sydney

Thinking of heading Down Under? Then a property worth $1 million will buy you around 41.2 square metres.

8. Paris

The city of romance is in at number 8, where $1 million will buy you 41.7 square metres worth of space.

9. Moscow

For $1 million you can buy 43 square metres of upmarket space in the Russian capital, Moscow.

10. Shanghai

At number 10 is Shanghai, where $1 million will buy you just 46.2 square metres worth of luxury property. Not a lot of space but over twice as much as Monaco!

Thinking of selling your UK pad to reinvest in one of the cities above? Have you considered selling your house direct to a cash home buyer?

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 21st April 2017
Last updated on 5th September 2018


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