Controlling childrens clutter for a quick house sale

Childrens clutter

If you have children and are looking for a quick house sale, you’ll be familiar with ‘childrens clutter’ and the struggle of trying to keep the house ‘viewing ready’.

Whether potential buyers have children or not, it’s unlikely they’re going to want to see a house over-run by toys, and too much childrens clutter can give the impression that the house is too small for you, which may well lead them to question whether it would quickly become too small for them too – and that’s a question you don’t want them asking.

The process of selling a property on the open market can take several months, so if you want to attract the right buyers and secure a quick house sale, but don’t want your children to fell like they’re now allowed to live in the property during the house selling process, our top tips for controlling kid’s clutter offer the perfect solution.

The struggle to controlling childrens clutter is real!

  1. The first thing to do is have a good clear-out. How many toys do your children still have in their rooms that really they’ve grown out of? How many games and puzzles do they own that are broken or missing pieces? Do a thorough declutter and make sure you only keep toys that get played with regularly.It’s easy for younger children to get overwhelmed with too many toys, meaning they play with the same two or three and leave the rest untouched. If that’s the case, why not donate some un-loved toys to a local charity shop, or if they’re in really good condition you could even try selling them and putting the money towards a special trip somewhere while house viewings are taking place.
  2. Once you’ve decided what to keep, good storage is key in the war to stop toys from taking over your house. Choosing easy-access modular storage that will allow you to categories items into different boxes will cut your clear-up time dramatically.
  3. Tidy doesn’t mean lacking in sentiment. If your fridge is covered in your child’s latest artistic masterpieces, clear out some of the more tatty or less sentimental pieces and consider scanning the more meaningful artwork and making a small picture book of their best pieces, or frame some of them and make a property feature of them in their room, rather than having them cluttering up the kitchen, which should be presented as a ‘grown up’ space.
  4. This leads nicely to our next tip – keep child-related items in one area. If you have children, potential buyers are going to expect to see some evidence that you have children, but what they don’t want to see is a house over-run by children. Keep toys etc in your children’s bedrooms and make sure you have clear child-free, grown up zones, such as your living room, dining room and kitchen. Keep any bath toys to a minimum and get some appropriate storage to house them when not in use.
  5. Preparing for a house move should be a whole-family experience. Children as young as two or three can be given age-appropriate jobs around the house. If jobs are divided up between family members it will be a lot easier to keep on top of things and the children will be invested in keeping the house looking its best. This great guide to age-appropriate jobs might help you think of some of the tasks your children could help with.

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Published on 3rd August 2016
Last updated on 17th August 2018


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