Can A Courier Help You To Move Home?

Can a courier help

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re on your third home, the process never becomes less exciting.

Additionally though, it never gets easier each time you move, however there are ways in which you can enjoy the moving process more with a little extra help.

Whether you have countless boxes to move, or the odd piece of furniture to transport, you can find parcel delivery to the UK in order to assist you with the general move. To have all of your questions answered, read our advice below.

How A Courier Can Help

Different companies will offer different services, but essentially, yes – a courier can help you to move home. One of the most popular ways in which a courier can help is to offer a furniture courier service.

While all of our smaller household items can be easily transported by being packaged safely into a sturdy, cardboard box, larger furniture items can often prove difficult to move. Luckily, a furniture courier service will aid you in the moving process, allowing you to rest assured that everything has been taken care of.

Similarly, you may be able to find a van courier service, which is similar to a furniture courier however it operates on a broader spectrum. A van courier is able to pick up your items from your home, and deliver them to your new home with a next day or even same day delivery.

If you’re struggling to find a reputable relocation company and would like some assistance with moving larger furniture, this type of courier service will be massively helpful.

What Is The Process When Using Furniture Courier?

As you may expect, the process really isn’t that complex at all. With a furniture courier, the process begins by outlining the furniture that you want moved so that they can provide you with a direct and reliable delivery quote.

Then, they’ll arrive at your home and assist you by moving heavy furniture into their van and transporting it to your new one.

Alternatively, if you decide to opt for the van courier service, you’re able to utilise the service to its maximum potential, as you cannot only deliver heavier items to your new home, but also smaller ones regarding that there’s room in the vehicle.

The only downside with a van courier service is the time is takes. While next day delivery is exceedingly fast to most standards, when you have household essentials such as a bed or cooker on standby, it can be inconvenient.

Our Top Tips For Using A Courier To Move Home

When selecting a courier to help you with your move, there are a couple of things that we would suggest looking out for.

Firstly, when selecting a furniture courier specifically, pay attention to how they handle the items. If they aren’t persistent about protecting items with materials such as cardboard sheeting or bubble-wrap, they probably aren’t that bothered by the condition of your furniture.

The most reputable furniture couriers will provide blanket wrapping for your large items such as sofas and fridges, so this is something to ask about when contacting a courier to help you move home.

Many people believe that moving home is a simply case of paying extortionate prices for a relocation company, but this simply isn’t the case. Both furniture and van couriers are on the market offering highly competitive prices – after all, you’ve already paid eye-watering amounts for a new house!

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 28th February 2018
Last updated on 9th August 2018


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