When is the best time to sell a house

best time to sell a house

There are lots of options on when is the best time to sell a house on the British property market.

There is no magic formula but there are definite peaks and troughs to looks out for to achieve the best price and reduce your time on market!  

Those who take the time to analyse property data on an annual basis will know that there are trends that return year after year on the open market, making it easier for house sellers to read and predict the best time to sell a house on the open market.

Knowing about peaks and troughs that occur on the British property market is a very useful tool when it comes to selling a house. Armed with this information, you can tell whether it’s the right time to buy, sell or stay put until the market takes another shift in momentum, making sure you use your knowledge to your advantage.

PEAK – Spring (March – May) – Best time to sell a house

Following the traditional slow start to the year, Spring is the best time to sell a house. Regardless if you are buying or selling a home, the warming weather of Spring sees a new wave of enthusiast property buyers actively searching on the open market for a new home. And we all know that finding the right buyer is essential to the success of your house sale!

Why is Spring the best time to sell a house? –  The UK traditionally sees longer, lighter days, warmer weather and blossoming gardens in Spring. Add to this the increase in active buyers and you have the perfect conditions for achieving a house sale!

Even if your house isn’t in the best condition, a Spring clean before listing online will make the world of difference to potential buyers.

PEAK – Summer (June – August) – Best time to sell a house

There is still a lot of actively on the open property market in the Summer months, however, it’s probably not the best time to sell a ‘family home’.

Subtle things like the busy period for people taking overseas holidays in August and the fact the kids go back to school in September (no one wants to have to relocate their kids so close to the start of a school year), means that buyers dwindle.

Smaller homes and flats still sell well during the Summer months, the reasons for a positive trend are once again quite simple – people are over the new year slump, winter has gone and the better weather is coming in. It’s the perfect time to get in the car and get out and about to seek out a new property.

Is it best to buy or sell a house in Spring and Summer?
The summer property market can be over-run with buyers and while this makes it hard to buy at a decent price, those with property to sell can really take advantage of the strong demand and get the best price for their property.

TROUGH: Autumn (September – November) – Worst time to sell a house

As quickly as buyers swarm the market at the start of summer, they fade away towards the end of the season and the UK property market tends to head straight towards a major trough. This is probably the trough that people expect least throughout any year. After all, the weather is still good, people, in theory, still have time on their hands.

Historically, Autumn has always been a good time to sell a house, however, it’s not as good as Spring and Summer. There’s plenty you can do to your home to improve your chances of a successful Autumn house sale.

If you are planning on selling a house in Autumn, it’s advisable to get your property listed on the market before late September if you have any chance of completing the sale before Christmas.

After the 2nd week of November, buyers, like bears, tend to go into hibernation. Remember, nobody wants to move over Christmas so don’t leave coming to market too late or you’ll be waiting until the following year for your move date to come around.

TROUGH: Winter (December – February) – Worst time to sell a house

We all love the festivities that start to pick up around December and for many people, this will take precedence over anything else around the end of the year, meaning autumn represents the last chance to get their dream home, move in and be settled in time to start bringing out the tree and the stockings.

This means that year after year, we see a real spike around October and November, as a batch of new buyers comes to the market.

Is it best to buy or sell a house in Autumn and Winter?
Competition is really starting to plummet at this point of the year and this means that it’s a buyers’ market. Take advantage of the low number of buyers around and get yourself that perfect home for less.

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Published on 6th June 2017
Last updated on 21st August 2018


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