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Home of the Future

It may not have done a great job of predicting what the year 2015 and home of the future would look like, but it seems the 1989 Back to the Future sequel may have just been a few years ahead of its time.

A group of tech experts have got together to create Home of the Future; a look at how different our homes might look by 2030, and it seems the writers of the popular film, starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, may have been onto something after all…

Back to the Future II predictions Home of the Future Predictions
Writers Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale predicted that by 2015 we would be wearing self-drying clothes that can change size at a touch of a button OK, so size-changing clothes may still be beyond our capabilities, but self-cleaning fabrics and personal climate controls are currently in development. The experts predict that self-cleaning clothes could be in the shops by as early as 2017.
The film predicted that by 2015 we would be making dinner in our space-saving food hydrators. The McFlys pop in a mini pizza and out pops a ‘hydrated’, steaming, full-size pizza. We may have moved away from the idea of drying and rehydrating food, but the space-saving theme is still a popular one. The tech experts predict that by 2029 our homes will feature malleable, interactive cooking surfaces that can be used as either worktop, dining table or cooking stove at just the swipe of a hand.
During the film, an indoor garden with fresh fruit and vegetables appears and retracts on demand. It seems the films creators and Home of the Future’s techy experts are singing from the same hymn sheet on this one. The experts predict that by 2023 a need for more reliable crops will lead to an increase in hydroponic technology (the growing of plants in mineral enriched water, without the need for soil) and our homes will feature indoor gardens that will produce fresh fruit and veg all year round.
In the film, we see Jennifer Parker briefly watch The Scenery Channel; a television channel that broadcasts “beautiful views 24 hours a day”. The experts predict that by 2020 we will have Smartwindows in our homes; windows that, like most glass surfaces in our houses, will double up as a screen to access social media, watch films and allow us to choose our views!

Back to the Future II Food Hydrator.jpgThe Home of the Future, which has been put together by Rightmove to mark the property portal’s 15th anniversary, also features several other technological home improvements that even Marty McFly didn’t predict:

Increasingly smartphone controlled homes – Tim Danton, Editor of PC Pro magazine predicts that our fridges will be able to tell us how much milk we have left when we’re at the supermarket and that increasingly intelligent smart security systems will also give us constant updates on who’s in our house and what they’re doing.

Magic Mirror – it might sound like something out of the classic 1995 chick flick ‘Clueless’, but the techy experts predict that we will soon have Smart Mirrors installed in our houses; screens with integrated computers that will feature a virtual wardrobe and allow us to try a number of different outfits on a model of ourselves before we get dressed.

Social Shower – flexible display technology could also make our shower curtain double up as a screen. Do you fancy being able to check social media, listen to music or catch up on the day’s headlines while you take your morning shower, or do you think that’s a step too far?

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Published on 28th July 2015
Last updated on 15th August 2018


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