How to avoid bad estate agent photos

bad estate agent photos

More than 90% of house hunters now begin their search for a new home online.  If you’re trying to attract a buyer it’s important that your photograph your property looking it’s best and avoid any bad estate agent photos.

If you want to avoid the kind of bad estate agent photos that go viral, simply follow our top tips!

Start early:

As soon as you start thinking about selling your house, before you even speak to an estate agent, it’s time to start preparing your property.  Finish any DIY jobs, apply a fresh coat of paint and start to de-clutter.  Starting early will give you time to tackle your property one room at a time.  This will help you present your property at its best and avoid any terrible estate agent photos!

Choose your estate agent well:

Look at current property listings from estate agents you’re considering using.  You’ll soon get an idea of how well they present the properties they are trying to sell.  If you see any terrible estate agent photos avoid using the agent at all costs!

Picture each room objectively:

Once you’ve had a look at what other properties are currently on the market, take a photograph of each room of your home and objectively assess how it compares to the competition.  Seeing how your property might look to potential buyers is a great way to think about what you need to do to the property to get it looking its best, attract the most desirable buyers and achieve the highest price.

Think about your property’s biggest selling points:

What does your property have to offer that others in a similar price bracket don’t? Perhaps you have a feature fireplace or wood-burning stove? Is your garden larger than average? Do you have a lovely new kitchen? Whatever it is that you think potential buyers are going to be attracted to, you will want to highlight.  Make the fireplace the focus of your living space, invest in some new garden lighting that will show off the space available, and ensure your estate agent includes some great photos of the kitchen in the online property profile.  You need to make it clear to your potential buyers why they should view your property before any other and why the price you’re asking is justified.

Make preparing to sell a family affair:

Getting your house ready to sell is a process that the whole family can get involved in.  Ask extended family and friends round to help you with any decorating jobs, de-cluttering and trips to the charity shop and recycling centre.  If you have children in the house, give them some responsibility for their own bedrooms.  Label four different boxes ‘give’, ‘save’, ‘sell’ and ‘recycle’ and then ask the children to sort their toys and other bits and bobs into the four boxes.  A house move is also a great time to have a wardrobe clear-out and give any items that no longer fit or are no longer worn to charity.

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