5 things that can devalue your home

devalue your home

When it comes to selling a house, we all want to get as much for our property as possible, but there are several things that will put buyers off, and devalue your home , ultimately costing you money.

Here are 5 things that can have a surprisingly big impact and will devalue your home.

Top 5 impacts that could devalue your home:

arguing neighbours.jpg1. Anti-social neighbours:
Most people would not intentionally make themselves a nuisance neighbour, but it’s easy for people to act inconsiderately unintentionally. Taking time to invest in developing a relationship with your neighbour will minimise the chance of any upset occurring and will lead to a speedy resolution if any issues do come up. A boundary maintenance issue is a lot easier to resolve with someone you already have a neighbourly friendship with than someone you’ve never spoken to before.

Don’t underestimate the value of popping round to introduce yourself to the neighbours when you first move to a new property, and be sure to welcome new residents to the street when they move in. Halifax Home Insurance estimates that antisocial neighbours can knock up to £31,000 off the value of an average property, so getting on your neighbour’s good side early on will definitely pay off long term!

pebbledash house.jpg2. Pebbledash:
According to Savills, pebbledash can reduce the value of an average priced property by as much as £20,000! Other external property maintenance will also have an impact; things like a neat front garden, fresh paintwork, well-maintained guttering and clean windows can change your property value by up to 5%, so it’s worth reviewing your property’s kerb appeal, and perhaps asking friends and family to come and give an honest appraisal of things they think need addressing, as it’s easy to look past things in a property you’ve lived in for several years.

poorly maintained conservatory.jpg3. Poorly maintained conservatories:
Poorly maintained and dirty conservatories can really put potential buyers off. Instead of seeing a useful and versatile extra room, potential buyers will see an uncared for conservatory as something that will time and energy, which will undoubtedly make them want to pay less for your property.

leopard-print-bathroom-set.jpg4. Overly personalised interiors:
Dark walls that will take a lot of work to paint over, a garish kitchen or leopard print bathroom are unlikely to appeal to the mass market, and you can guarantee that potential buyers will be deducting the cost of neutralising your personal taste from the figure they’re prepared to pay for your property.

messy kids room.JPG

5. Messy children:
According to ING Direct, a children clutter and messy children’s bedroom can knock as much as £8,000 off the value of your property! Tackle a messy bedroom and untidy children with a well-planned storage system like the Kallax system from Ikea.

Being able to categorise their toys into smart storage boxes will not only improve the appearance of your child’s bedroom, it will also make it easier for them to take responsibility for keeping their bedroom tidy, freeing up more of your time to tackle anything else that could have a negative impact on the value of your property.

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This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 11th August 2015
Last updated on 17th August 2018


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