5 home décor horrors to avoid

home décor horrors

If you’re about to take on a new home décor project, there are several mistakes you should avoid at all costs. Our guide to home décor horrors will help make your next project a success and a great addition to your home.

  1. Bad lighting

    Good lighting is key to any project and should be carefully considered from the start. This should also be reflected when allocating budget. Think carefully about the mood you want to create in the room, what the room is used for and how adaptable you need the space to be. Harsh lighting in a room that is mainly used as a relaxation space can be as much of a faux pas as mood lighting in a home office space. A specialist lighting supplier is often a great place to start in terms of research.

  2. Over-accessorising

    It can be tempting, when taking on a new home décor project, to go a little overboard with accessories. Done correctly, accessories can really bring a room to life, but less is more. Too many accessories and your room will be left feeling cluttered and overwhelming.

  3. Not enough storage

    Storage is another element that should be considered in the planning stages. Storage should be subtle and understated, but provide enough space to keep clutter at bay and give everything a ‘home’.

    Lack of storage


  1. Matchy-matchy

    It can be tempting, if you don’t feel overly confident with home décor choices, to choose a theme and run with it. This can lead to a ‘matchy-matchy’ feel if you take the theme or colour scheme too far. Look at complementary shades on the colour wheel, and if necessary seek professional advice. A home décor disaster can be a costly mistake, so it’s better to get it right first time.

  2. Clashing patterns

    At the other end of the spectrum, it’s important to ensure your newly decorated room isn’t too eclectic. Different elements should complement and enhance each other, not fight against each other. Choose a theme and work around it. Mood boards can be particularly helpful when planning a home décor project and are a great way to get input from others before you commit to any big budget spends.

clashing patterns

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Published on 6th March 2017
Last updated on 8th November 2017


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