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Here at Quick Move Now, the UK’s largest cash home buyer, we pride ourselves on being open and honest from the start. We understand that selling a house can be a stressful time and you probably have many questions about the quick house sale process. With this in mind we have created s few videos which we hope answer many of those questions……

In this first video, the team at Quick Move Now explain how our fast house sale process works…

In this next video the team explain what makes Quick Move Now so unique and why we are the leading cash home buyer.

In this final video, the Quick Move Now team explain the benefits of choosing to sell your property to a cash buyer…

QMN_LogoWhat is the difference between Quick Move Now and other home buying companies within the industry?

Quick Move Now buys houses for cash and is the ONLY company in the industry that buys property fast using its own cash reserves, making it the only house buyer that can work to short timescales and offer a 100% guarantee that the sale will go through.

Other house buyers rely on third party investors, brokers or securing mortgages, all of which take time and offer no guarantees that the house sale will happen.

How can I be certain that the cash home buyer I am looking to sell my house to is legitimate and safe to use?

There are several checks that you can undertake to ensure the cash house buyer you have chosen is legitimate. As a business, Quick Move Now are totally transparent and our full accounts can be found via Companies House.

How does Quick Move Now’s direct house buying process work?

  • you contact us
  • we give you a FREE, no obligation indicative offer to buy your property for cash
  • you let us know if you would like to progress further
  • we provide you with a formal offer for the sale of your house (again, this is FREE and with no obligation) following in depth investigation
  • you decide if you would like to accept this quick house sale offer
  • you decide which completion date you would like us to work to
  • we take care of everything else and you are free to move on with your life!

What do I need to do to get a quick house sale offer?

You just need to do one of the following…

  • Complete our free, no obligation estimate form
  • Call 0800 068 3366
  • Call local number 01793 840 915

How do Quick Move Now work out what the market value is for your property?

Valuations are obtained from local, independent estate agents and their appraisal, together with research into the local property market and prices, forms the valuation price.

Our aim is to make you the best possible offer based on the accurate market value of the property. To do so, agents who are local so that they have knowledge of the surrounding property market and independent so that they will give impartial advice.

Do Quick Move Now carry out surveys before making an offer?

As standard with most property purchases we will instruct an independent RICS survey after acceptance of our offer. This structural survey is arranged and paid for by Quick Move Now.

Our formal offer is made without a survey having been completed. The offer is subject to satisfactory survey though and if you choose to accept it, the survey is arranged and paid for by Quick Move Now.

Can Quick Move Now buy my property if it is tenanted?

We can make a formal offer on a tenanted property, but it would need to be vacant in time for completion.

Are there any situations in which Quick Move Now cannot make an offer for my property?

There are several scenarios in which we will not be able to provide an offer for your property. These are…

  • If the property is unmortgageable and we will therefore find it difficult to sell it at a later date
  • If we are unable to accurately ascertain market value
  • If the property has sitting tenants or does not come with vacant possession
  • If there are any other factors that may place an unduly high risk on us being able to resell the property

Do I have to pay any fees or charges if I sell my property to Quick Move Now?

Do I have to pay my estate agent?

In most instances, you will not have to pay an estate agency fee because you found us direct, however, if you are unsure of the terms of your contact, we’ll happily read through and advise you on it specifically.

Do I have to pay any fees if I sell my property to Quick Move Now?

Quick Move Now does not charge any fees for any part of its service. You will also save on other costs – you will not have to pay estate agency, survey or EPC fees and we will even pay your legal fees.

At what percentage of market value do Quick Move Now make your offers?

We do not work to set percentage discounts. Every property is unique and is assessed on its individual merit. We will make the best offer based on your property and local market conditions.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

You do not need to pay a deposit at any point of the enquiry or sale transaction, therefore you are under no obligation to accept our offer or continue with the service if you decide it is not right for you.

Properties and Locations

What type of property do we buy?

Quick Move Now can purchase any mortgageable residential property, including: bungalows, flats, terraced, semi-detached or detached houses, ex-local authority properties and high or low value residences.

Where do we buy property?

We can purchase property anywhere in England and Wales

What timescales do we buy houses

I’m not in a rush to sell my property – can we still help?

Absolutely! Convenience is the main benefit we provide and we can arrange completion on a date to suit you.

If I choose to accept the offer, how long does completion take?

You choose the completion date to best suit you. The cash to buy your home is available immediately so we will work to your timescales. Most clients will require a completion between seven days and eight weeks but if you require different timescales we can still help, just contact us today.

Other Questions

Do I have to find a solicitor?

It is your choice- we recommend using one of our panel solicitors as this will ensure a smooth sale and we will cover their fees, but if you have your own solicitor, we are happy to work with them too.

Do I Need an EPC?

Quick Move Now will arrange and pay for the EPC.

How is my mortgage paid off?

Your solicitor will redeem any mortgage from the proceeds of the sale and then the balance will be transferred to you.

Do you offer a sale and rent back scheme?

Quick Move Now has never offered a sale and rent back scheme and the FSA has now made this practice illegal.

Is Quick Move Now a member of the Property Ombudsman?

Yes, Quick Move Now is a member of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) and adheres to their code of conduct and redress scheme. Additionally, Quick Move Now operates by the strictest charter in the property industry – find more information on it here.

What do you do with the property after buying it from me?

After completing any remedial or updating work necessary, we will generally sell the property on the open market, essentially taking on the risk and costs of a delayed sale in a slow market.

If you have a question for Quick Move Now that has not been answered here, please send it to enquiries@quickmovenow.com

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 17th June 2016
Last updated on 3rd January 2019