Quick Move Now – We have the fund to buy your house today!

Selling your home is a big decision so it is essential that you deal with the right company. As the UK’s leading home buyer, we like to let our results speak for themselves….

Established in 1998, Quick Move Now is the UK’s original and largest quick house sale company. We have purchased over 5,500 properties and have an annual turnover of £58 million!

Unlike other house buyers, Quick Move Now has the finds available to directly buy properties. We do not rely on investor money or mortgages to enable us to buy.

As a business, we believe that customer service, track record, and honesty are the key to our success. We do however understand that these are just words and that service levels vary greatly within the industry. Therefore, we encourage our clients to undertake research before agreeing a sale to ensure they get the quick, secure and hassle-free sale they need.

Every day, our property experts advise customers to beware of companies that claim to be cash house buyers! There are nearly 100 companies currently online that all claim to be able to buy your house for cash, fast! The truth is there are only 3 companies in the whole of the UK who have the finances available to directly buy property. The rest will try and secure the finances through investment, which could lead to time delays and renegotiations. Read our full blog on the what to look out for when choosing a genuine house buyer. >>

Quick Move Now prides itself on being a totally transparent business. We will always be upfront and honest on every house we buy.

Before agreeing to sell your house to a home buying company, we strongly advise you look at their company accounts on either Companies House or Duedil. Any company that has funds of under £1million in the bank clearly demonstrates that are NOT buying houses directly.

Because we can guarantee we will directly be buying your home with our own cash, we are happy to share our company accounts for you to review. All our accounts are lodged annually at Companies House, but to save you paying for the files, we have provided them here free of charge: