QUICK MOVE NOW – The UK’s Original and Largest Cash House Buyers

Are you looking for cash house buyers in the UK who can make you an offer for your property? Quick Move Now, the UK’s largest and original property buying company, has the funds available to buy your home immediately.

cash house buyersQuick Move Now operates in England and Wales and currently has more than £6 million available to buy residential properties directly from their owners. Operating since 1998, we have purchased more than 5,500 properties and are firmly established as the UK’s leading cash house buyer!

Selling your house fast, directly to a cash house buyers like Quick Move Now, is completely different from selling your property on the traditional open market.

What are Cash House Buyers?

Cash house buyers are companies that directly buy houses for cash.

A genuine property buying company will have significant cash reserves, enabling them to buy your house quickly, and with no hassle!

There are hundreds of companies and websites claiming that they can buy your house for cash, but Quick Move Now is one of just three genuine cash house buyers in the whole of the UK with the funds to be able to buy your house in the timescale promised.

If you want to sell your house quickly, make sure you are dealing with a genuine home buyer like Quick Move Now.

Is a cash home buyer right for me?

A genuine property cash buyer will never pay full market value! Therefore a cash property buyer is only right for you if your need to move quickly is more important than the price you achieve from the sale of your house.

Quick Move Now does not work to a set discount amount. Every property is unique and is assessed on its own individual merit. Quick Move Now will always make the best cash offer possible, based on the property and current local market conditions. Find out how Quick Move Now’s direct house buying process works. 

Who can use a house buying service like Quick Move Now?

Anyone selling a house can use a property cash buyer like Quick Move Now!

There’s a misconception that only people in desperate situations like those facing repossession or divorce use cash house buyers. In actual fact, over 40 percent of our customers used our direct property buying service because they had previously failed to sell on the open market and didn’t want to miss out on their onward house purchase.

Benefits of selling your house to a property cash buyer

  • Speed: Looking to sell your house fast? Timescale is the biggest difference when selling your home directly to a property cash buyer. Quick Move Now can buy houses in as little as 7 days if required. You are in complete control of the completion date; something you could never achieve on the open market!
  • A guaranteed house sale: Once you’ve accepted Quick Move Now’s formal offer, your sale is guaranteed!  This means you don’t have to worry about property chain collapses, or the sale falling through.
  • No house viewings: As you are selling directly to Quick Move Now, there is no need for endless house cleans as you prepare for property visits.
  • No estate agents involved: Selling directly to a cash home buyer like Quick Move Now eradicates the need for an estate agent. This means no more chasing for regular updates and most importantly, no estate agent fees to pay!
  • We cover your legal fees: As part of our home buying service, Quick Move Now covers the cost of your legal fees and pays for your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Genuine private home buyers, like Quick Move Now, give you the freedom to move on with your onward purchase! Maybe you’ve found your dream home and are worried that you won’t be able to proceed with the purchase unless you’re able to sell your house quickly? Genuine house cash buyers will be able to offer you a guaranteed sale that will tie-in with your onward purchase, resulting in a smooth, hassle-free move!

When Anette and her husband found their dream property, they were desperate not to lose it to another buyer. Quick Move Now was able to guarantee them a quick house sale, enabling them to secure their onward purchase!

The vendors of the property we were purchasing were emigrating to Australia, so were looking to secure dedicated buyers as soon as possible.

Left wondering who would buy my house in a short time scale, I started searching online for companies that buy houses.

Quick Move Now came up and after talking to one of their property consultants and checking their credentials, I knew they were a trustworthy, professional property buyer.
Read Anette’s full story here >>

  • All fees associated with a ‘traditional house sale’ are eradicated, so you don’t have to pay estate agents, EPC’s or surveys. Quick Move Now even covers the costs of your solicitors. This is an average saving of £4,000.00, which is absorbed in the discount we apply.

It should not cost you anything to sell your property to a genuine cash home buyer, if they try to charge you to make you an offer, alarm bells should ring and it’s time to find a more reputable business.

time comparison quick move now vs estate agent

How to make sure you are selling your home to a genuine cash house buyer! – The truth behind companies that claim to be cash house buyers and scams to be aware of…

If you have a property that you’re trying to sell and are hoping for a quick sale, companies who claim to be cash house buyers may sound like an attractive prospect, but what exactly do you need to know about cash home buying companies? With so many companies online claiming to be property cash buyers, it can be difficult to know who to use and more importantly, who’s genuine.

Not all cash home buying companies are what they seem! At present there are more than 100 UK organisations claiming to be able to buy your house quickly.

These companies will often make statements like “We can offer you 100% of market value” and “Genuine cash offer” or “We can buy your house in 7 days”.

These declarations are often lies to entice you in! In actual fact, there are currently only three companies in the whole of the UK that have the cash funds to buy houses on a regular basis, of which Quick Move Now is one!

So who are these rogue house buying companies?

You might be asking yourself ‘what does a company have to gain by claiming to be genuine cash house buyers, when they don’t have the funds to buy my house?’

In essence, these companies act as lead generators. They will either use your details to sell onto a genuine cash house buyer who has the funds to buy, or they will refer you to another arm of their business, which is normally an online estate agent. Because of this, when dealing with these companies, you will never get any certainty on price or completion dates.

How to avoid being scammed…

There are some general rules you can follow to make sure you are dealing with a genuine company that will actually buy your house and not just sell on your details or tie you into an unfair contract.

Before selling your house to a cash property buyer, we strongly advise you do the following:

Look at their Finances

Genuine house buying companies will have a balance sheet to prove they buy houses. You should expect a genuine home buying company to have an annual turnover in excess of £4 million and a current balance of at least £1 million to put them in a position to make instant purchases.

How do you look at a companies finances? You can use sites like Companies House to research a company’s financial credentials. A credible house buying company should also be willing to display their financial situation on their website.

Alarm bells should be ringing if a company is unwilling to divulge this information upon request!

A genuine house buying company will never ask you to pay any fees!

Avoid any company claiming to be a professional home buyer that tries to charge you a fee at any stage of the buying process. A genuine cash buying company will be purchasing your property at a discounted rate, in return for a fast, reliable and hassle-free house sale. They should also absorb any legal costs associated with the house sale like the survey, Energy Performance Certificate and solicitors fees.

Never sign a contract or option agreement!

A genuine home buying company will never tie you into a contract. ‘Option agreement’ is a term we hear a lot. Option agreements are contracts to sell your home to a company for a set price. These contracts are purely for the agent’s benefit. By signing the contract, you will be legally tied to that particular company for a set amount of months, but the company is not legally obliged to buy your house!

The only paperwork you should need to sign when selling your house to a genuine cash house buyer will be when you exchange contracts (just like a traditional house sale).

Read their customer testimonials

Companies who buy houses for cash should have plenty of real customer testimonials available. However, there’s a risk that some companies may create fictitious reviews, so it’s important to ask questions and do your research!

If a company has 20 reviews in a month but their balance sheet states a turnover of under £4 million, this clearly shows they are not buying directly!

Quick Move Now have bought over 5,000 houses since inception, read what some of our customers have to say >>

Here at Quick Move Now we pride ourselves on being totally transparent. Our company details are freely available online. We provide detailed evidence of our history, track record and details on our company accounts. We understand that selling your home in this way is likely to be an unfamiliar process, so we want to set your mind at rest that you are dealing with the right home buyer.

Remember, it is your house, your sale and your future! Look into all the options, ask lots of questions and make sure you opt for the service that will work best for you!

Quick Move Now is the UK’s original and largest home buyer. Because we have been in the quick house buying industry since the beginning, we have seen lots of companies claiming to be ‘property buyers’ come and go! Beware, not all house buying companies are what they seem…

If their financial credentials don’t stack up but they’re still offering me a quick cash purchase, why shouldn’t I use them?

If the cash house buyers that you are considering using don’t have the financial credentials to back up their claims, they’re likely to be either a small-time investor, a lead generation business or a broker for investors. In each of these cases, it is likely they’re planning to purchase your property using a mortgage, after tying you in to a contract.

The need to access mortgage funds means they will not be able to purchase your property in the quick timescale promised.  It also means that the sale is no more guaranteed than selling your property on the open market. They get a property for less than market value, but you don’t get any of the benefits of selling your property to genuine cash house buyers.

Quick Move Now can buy any house, at any value, in any location! If you’re interested in selling you’re house for cash and would like a FREE, no obligation cash offer from Quick Move Now, simply complete the online form below or call us FREE on 0800 068 3366

This content was written by Quick Move Now
Published on 17th June 2016
Last updated on 30th May 2019

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