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If you’re looking for a cash offer for your property, then Quick Move Now, the UK’s largest and original property buying company has the funds available to immediately buy your home.

What are Cash Home Buyers?

Cash home buyers are companies who buy houses. A genuine cash home buyer will have significant cash reserves, enabling them to buy your house quickly, for cash.  There are hundreds of companies and websites claiming that they can buy your house for cash, but Quick Move Now is one of just three genuine cash home buyers with the funds to be able to buy your house in the timescale promised. If you want to Sell House Fast – Sell Your Home Quick for Cash | Quick Move then look no further.

Is a cash home buyer right for me?

Because companies that buy property will pay below market value for your property, a cash home buyer is right for you if your need to move is more important to you than the price you achieve from the sale of your property. Quick Move Now does not work to a set discount amount. Every property is unique and is assessed on its own individual merit. Quick Move Now will always make the best cash offer possible based on the property and current local market conditions.

What are the benefits of using a genuine cash home buyer?

  • A quick house cash sale – cash for houses – the cash can be in your bank account in as little as 7 days
  • A guaranteed sale – once you’ve accepted Quick Move Now’s formal offer, the sale is guaranteed, meaning you don’t have to worry about chain collapses, or the sale falling through
  • Private home buyers give you the freedom to move on with your onward purchase – found your dream home and worried that you won’t be able to proceed with the purchase unless you’re able to sell your house quickly? Genuine cash home buyers will be able to offer you a guaranteed sale that will tie-in with your onward purchases, resulting in a smooth, hassle-free move.When Anette and her husband found their dream property, they were desperate not to lose it to another buyer. Quick Move Now were able to guarantee them a quick house sale, enabling them to secure their onward purchase!

    “The vendors of the property we purchased were emigrating to Australia so were looking to secure dedicated buyers as soon as possible. Left wondering who would buy my house in a short time scale, I started searching online for companies that buy houses. Quick Move Now came up and after talking to one of their property consultants and checking their credentials, I knew they were a trustworthy, professional property buyer.”
    Read Anette’s full story here >>
  • All fees associated with a ‘traditional house sale’ are eradicated, so you don’t have to pay estate agents, EPC’s or surveys. Quick Move Now even covers the costs of your solicitors. This is an average saving of £4000.00, which is absorbed in the discount we apply.

It should not cost you anything to sell your property to a genuine cash home buyer, if they try to charge you to make you an offer, alarm bells should ring and it’s time to find a more reputable business.


Make sure you are dealing with a genuine cash home buyer!

A genuine property buyer will be able to prove they have cash available to buy your property. You can use sites like Companies House and DueDil to research the company’s financial credentials – With companies buying properties, you should expect to see an annual turnover in excess of £4million with a current balance of at least £1million available to make new purchases if they’re genuine cash home buyers.

There are currently more than 80 house purchase companies online claiming to be genuine home buying companies, in actual fact, only 3 can directly buy your house for cash! Quick Move Now are 1 of those 3!

Quick Move Now is the UK’s original and largest home buyer. Because we have been in the quick house buying industry since the beginning, we have seen lots of companies claiming to be ‘property buyers’ come and go! Beware, not all house buying companies are what they seem…


If their financial credentials don’t stack up but they’re still offering me a quick cash purchase, why shouldn’t I use them?

If the cash home buyers you are considering don’t have the financial credentials to back up their claims, they’re likely to be either a small time investor, a lead generation business or a broker for investors. In each of these cases it is likely they’re planning to purchase your property using a mortgage, after tying you in to a contract. The need to access mortgage funds means they will not be able to purchase your property in the quick timescale promised, and means that the sale is no more guaranteed than selling your property on the open market, they get a property for less than market value but you don’t get any of the benefits of selling your property to genuine cash house buyers.

Quick Move Now buy any house, at any value, in any location! If you’re interested in selling you’re house for cash and would like a FREE, no obligation cash offer from Quick Move Now, simply complete the online form below or call us FREE on 0800 068 3366

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