Average number of viewings to sell a house

New research has revealed the average number of viewings it takes to sell a property.

Our data shows it takes an average of 16 property viewings to sell a in England and Wales.

Figures varied significantly by region. Properties in the West Midlands had the lowest average number of viewings before accepting an offer, whilst Greater London had the highest.

AreaAverage number of viewingsCurrent typical time on market (days)*
England and Wales16115
East of England18106
East Midlands13110
Greater London27116
North East14109
North West13115
South East17105
South West20110
West Midlands9110

Danny Luke, Quick Move Now’s managing director, explains: “As you can see from the data above, a higher number of average viewings for a successful sale does not necessarily equate to a longer time on market. A highly desirable property may have 5 or more viewings booked in for its first weekend on market, whereas a less desirable property may only have one or two viewings in its first week. The longer the time between viewings, the longer your property is likely to sit on the market.”

How can I get more property viewings?

Your property is likely to attract the highest level of attention when it is new to the market, so it’s important to capitalise on that opportunity. This will mean choosing a proactive estate agent who knows and understands both your target market and the local area.

You’ll also need to ensure you have great property images. Many prospective buyers have online property alerts set up to notify them when new listings go live. Your property photography is your first and best opportunity to attract attention and get potential buyers to book a viewing.

What difference does price make?

Pricing is key, especially in the current market. Higher interest rates have squeezed buyer affordability. If you’re keen to attract a large number of viewings, and therefore increase your chances of finding a buyer, you’ll need to ensure your property is priced competitively. It can be tempting to ‘test’ the market with an ambitious price tag, but ultimately that’s likely to damage your property sale. Last August, property price reductions reached their highest levels in at least 9 years. Having to reduce your asking price means your property is likely to sit on the market longer than a property that has been priced competitively from the start. The longer your property is on the market, the more likely it is to become ‘stale’ and achieve a lower sale price.

How do 2023 figures compare to previous years?

Figures have remained largely consistent in recent years, despite the changeable market. In 2022 it took an average of 17 viewings to sell a property. In the two preceding years, the figure remained static at 18 viewings.  2019’s pre-pandemic levels were just slightly lower with an average of 17 viewings to sell a property.

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